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World History Analysis: Compare American Revolution and French Revolution

Charles Dickens’ powerful novel, A Tale of Two Cities, is set during the French Revolution, involving characters in the cities of London and Paris. This moving tale gives one pause to consider a tale of two nations- -the differences between the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

History of Religion: Compare American Culture to the Genesis Birthright

Dinner Talk Question: How might our heritage of liberty compare to the “birthright” of American families? Worth noting is this lesson from forgotten history-the ancient example of Biblical parent Rebekah, who guided her son Jacob to rescue the sacred birthright from destruction.

Virtue Ethics

The difference when applying virtue ethics in comparison to consequentialism in environmental ethics is that the rightness or wrongness is human centered. In virtue ethics practical wisdom is necessary in order to be deemed wrong. Certain human virtues or vices such as greed, self indulgence, and short-sightedness are the things that have led us to these ecological disasters.

Value and Moral Status

The center of any argument in environmental ethics will be based on the notions of value and moral status. Divulging into value first, it is understood that there is both instrumental and intrinsic value. Instrumental which is also known as extrinsic value is when the value is a means to something else. Intrinsic value is anything that has value in and of itself. Categorizing the value of certain aspects of our environment is a complicated matter because to different people different values can be assigned to certain entities. I will present a very basic example of how something can be seen as having either instrumental or intrinsic value depending on what perspective you have.

Environmental Ethics

Most of western ethics has been focused on the moral values, rights, and obligations of humans. Now we are in an age of advanced science and a heightened awareness so that we are much more conscious of the environmental disasters we are facing and what caused them than we used to. The ethics behind the environmental injustice happening in the world is becoming more and more heavily debated. There are several dynamics which make environmental ethics so difficult and one is coming to a universal understanding of what has value.

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