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Khabane Lamb Hits 100 Million Followers

The Hand The Devil Deals

Through-out the history of mankind there have always been those who managed to amass great fortunes. The accolades that follow have always preempted the virtue of their good fortune. For the multitudes though, through-out the world have always languished hopelessly in desperation and despair praying that they too could rise up out of the depths of despondency, poverty, and woe.

Culture of Roma Gypsies

The Roma gypsies, also known as Roma, Romani or gypsies, are people of Indian origin who are now settled all over the world. They have their own distinct social structure and laws that govern them.

Tolerance And Peace

Many people raise a hue and cry when the prices of agricultural commodities go up. They do not agitate for the steep rise in bullion, automobiles, real estates and other luxury goods. Why is this partiality in intolerance?

Taking Refugees

“There is no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy and there is nothing good in war, except its ending,” quoted Abraham Lincoln but unfortunately this war has no end. In the summer of 2015, Europe experienced the highest influx of refugees since the World War II. Why?

Hello Mary Lou

It was the summer of “63 that was one of the most memorable of summers. Those carefree days spent on the shores of Lake Geneva. Of course there were always those summertime romances and it was that summer that Mary Lou and I hit if off.

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