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Khaby Lame Evolution :Zero To 100 Million Followers On Tik Tok

Beware: Commercialization Of Sentiments and Emotions

Our sentiments and emotions are being exploited by many businesses for their selfish purpose. Unless, we realize the significance of the impacts on our lives…

When Elvis Was King

It is this time of year when the chill of winter starts to subside I begin to think like my father. Then and today we remember times of a bye-gone era where everything moved at a much slower pace. For my farther those times were his yesterdays years.

The Money Game

It is readily apparent that the media is reaping huge profits from this years Presidential Primary season. The orchestrated appeal of Clinton and Trump has driven up profit margins of the likes of Media General, Time Warner, and Hearst Corporation. It is these corporations who are the real influencers that sway public opinion.

Gen Y in India – An Urbanization Perspective

Talk about Gen Y and you would find yourself focusing on an area of awareness that cannot be overlooked. Today, the knowledge of this particular cohort – a set of people who have shared similar experiences in a particular time-span, has become more crucial for effective management. The criticality is because by 2025 the global workforce is forecasted to comprise of 75 percent of Gen Y.

The Forgotten Slave

As winter begins to ebb, the setting of the sun lingers just awhile longer before disappearing over the western horizon. It is this time of year that ought to remind one that seasons come and go. Through the centuries there have been many winter days and nights when man would often contemplate the coming of spring.

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