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Why the King’s Image Is on Money

Kings represent gods and in ancient Babylon they were men who exchanged their lives for power and fertility of the earth. Their reign started with their death whilst power was achieved through dedication and prayer to them. Temples and monuments bear their names for that reason and in the East where the idea of a Father God originated the rituals and systems could never be overruled.

The Law, False Gods, Religions, Symbols, and Language Derived From Sun Worship

It’s hard to imagine how it could happen but the facts verify that the World Order and the systems on which it is constructed have emerged from man’s dreams and imagination related to sun worship. Evolution of ideas passed down from generation to generation and tweaked by governments and chiefs into credible working order has form. What is more incredible, however, is that the sun is responsible for man’s behaviour and progress over some 4 millennia.

Life in New Swabia – The County’s Frugal, Fatalistic Settlers

Interviews of German immigrants in Michigan describe their lives on farms. Their work ethic and frugality enabled them to displace the American farmers. They remained farmers in part because they loved the freedom afforded. Since most people had the same ethnic heritage, they maintained their Swabian dialect well into the twentieth century.

Fear and Violence Are Weapons of Power

The big question is why do people react so readily to fear? It’s the main weapon for making sales worldwide. Building a platform whereby one expects to miss out on something if immediate action is not taken is one way to win a client over and it’s what religions are based on.

Kings Were Empowered Through Religious Lies

The power of kings to dominate societies has lessened in recent times. People were freed from the scourge of their willingness to make war and take the lives of those who disobeyed them thanks to the 2 world wars of the last century and the revolt against them. Starting with the French Revolution and the execution of the royal family the stage was set to rid the world of the menace.

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