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Hunter Gatherer or Agriculture – Which Came First?

The currently accepted evolutionary model of mankind’s prehistory is studied in the light of scientific research and discoveries. The question of whether man started of a hunter-gatherers or agriculturalists is tackled.

Aztec Five Suns – A Historical Record?

Taking a look at the Aztec Five Sun mythology and comparing it to other ancient texts and traditions in order to discover if it may actually be some sort of historical record of past civilizations long forgotten. And if so, finding its relevance for today.

Death and Burial in America: Going Out in Style

Americans have traditionally shunned thinking and planning for their deaths. When it came time for a funeral, they typically followed whatever their parents had done. No more! More Americans are being cremated and choosing to “go out” in style.

How Come Civilization? Why Creation?

Modern human beings went from a relatively simple hunter-gather existence over a rather long-term, in fact quite lengthy time frame, then, in a rather all-of-a-sudden time frame, we settled down and acquired what we’d all accept as living as a collective civilization or as civilized societies. Why did the transition happen and so suddenly after such a long incubation period. What makes us unique? Was it just good old Mother Nature, or was there a special guiding hand – or tentacle or claw as the case may be perhaps. Further, why did humans see a need for creator gods?

Get to Know Your Charity

A good charity should be should be selfless and not being boastful of what it claims to have done for others. It doesn’t seek it’s own pleasure rather it is selfless in giving support and help to the needy. In short choose those charities that are authentic to avoid scams.

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