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LALISA Vs On The Ground Vs SOLO Ist 24 Hours

Is It Ever Possible for the Role of a Man to Be Obsolete?

I saw a segment on the Today Show about the ‘trend’ of Hollywood women deciding to have babies before (or in the absence of) being married. Part of the discussion was that perhaps these women are making the role of a man obsolete in their lives.

Secret One: The Survival of the Kola Sami / Sami – Realization of the Importance of Their Existence

The most important goal for the survival of the Kola Sami (as it is for other groups) should be to bring up their children, from the first moments of their life, in a loving environment with a self-respecting, national self-consciousness of their uniqueness in the modern world-a complete realization of the importance of their existence as ethnic group. It’s hard to carry out this idea in partial families, when men haven’t the desire for marriage and women are looking for a partner in outside communities.

What Are the Naciremans Doing Now?

Over 50 years ago, Horace Miner wrote about the Naciremas, a culture in North America, now we take a look at what the culture is doing now: The Nacirema have a truly diverse and rich culture that is at times misunderstood by those unfamiliar with their ways. Their customs and conformist nature appear to stem from insecurities of themselves, and fear of disapproval from other Naciremans.

The Nomads Vs The Agrarians

If we try to probe the deepest history of humanity, things become very foggy. Clearly, people settled and made permanent dwellings lasting many generations. On the other hand they clearly wandered and spread themselves into every pocket of this vast earth- into extreme climates and dangerous conditions even, and apparently with little difficulty. The question becomes then, what makes people get up and go? Why do they wander? Or, conversely, why do we stay put and worship the land?

Aboriginal Beliefs, Modern Day Life

In Aboriginal folk lore, nothing is more sacred that the Rainbow Serpent. Just as Christians believe God is the Creator, the aborigines believe the Rainbow Serpent is the Creator. Aborigines who have claimed to have met the Rainbow Serpent see it as a reptile, thus the name Rainbow Serpent.

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