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Largest Cities in Asia from 1500 to 2100

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Retire Sooner Rather Than Later

What do you need to retire? Here is a hint. If you have enough you will never worry about it again!

Retirement Money – All That It Can Afford

Retirement money is what can really help you plan and live a fruitful life in the later years. Setting aside money for retired life will not just help you maintain the lifestyle that you have always lived, and also enable you to live a life filled with dignity and self worth.

Retirement Investing – Taking Care of Your Housing Needs

Investing for retirement begins very early, when you think of ways in which you can start to save up for the later years. When you think of retirement, the most important thing is having a place to stay in.

Investment Backed Annuities: A Necessary Risk in Uncertain Times?

Providing for income in retirement is the most important financial decision most people will make. With the poor performance of cash investments, consistently low interest rates and high inflation in the last few years, the cost of living is rising and the return on pension investments is poor. Many pensioners are now taking the options offered by investment backed flexible annuities that offer potential for higher returns.

How Much to Save for Retirement – Calculation Made Easy

Calculating how much to save for retirement can be made easy with the use of two popular methods. A simple way is called the rule of thumb while another more complicated method involves measurements based on detailed expenses. The rule of thumb is simple.

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