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Largest Earthquakes in World History – Map Timelapse

This Video shows the Largest Earthquakes in World History timeline, starting in the year 1950 (showing a ranking with earthquakes since 1900) Earthquakes shown are all events of magnitude 5.5 or greater.

Some earthquakes were higlighted, due to their high magnitude and/or high death toll. Prior to the development and deployment of seismographs – starting around 1900 – magnitudes can only be estimated, based on historical reports of the extent and severity of damage. This events were not included in this video.

Most of the magnitudes shown are in Mw (moment magnitude scale) and ML (Richter magnitude scale). Various ways of determining moment magnitude have been developed, and several subtypes of the Mw  scale can be used to indicate the basis used.

Music: Signal to Noise – Scott Buckley

Should You Consider Annuity?

Annuity is something that everybody should consider at some point in time. You will find that this is something that can help you to get you guaranteed funds once you retire. Annuity can be great for people that are not looking for anything except a steady stream of income once they are relying only on their social security checks.

Investment Opportunities for Retirement Income

People, especially retirees, today wish to live on their own income without being dependent on others. If you are thinking of a healthy retirement income, it is important that you start planning to invest your income and save money for your future. Although there are opportunities for making home income or supplemental income at any age in your life, you may not always be in a condition to put even minimal effort.

Investing in the Share Market for Your Retirement

Increasing your Pension by Investing in Share Market. Making enough extra to make life more enjoyable, and thus be able to afford the little extra luxuries.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Savings Account Like a Variable Annuity

There are lots of reasons a variable annuity is perfect for your personal circumstances. In fact, a variable annuity is so flexible that it can meet a variety of different needs, whether they are financial or daily lifestyle requirements.

Two Outstanding Stock Strategies Enhanced by Options

Catastrophic events happen; especially in the stock market. This article presents two strategies that minimize the investor’s risks. The results exceed the stock strategies by using options.

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