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Largest Funko Pop! Collection – Guinness World Records

How Does Human Selfishness Impact the World?

Selfishness cannot guarantee everlasting happiness, but Peace does. Because happiness from selfishness is temporary in nature.

Leaders Are Mostly Common Men With an Uncommon Grit and Integrity

Slowly, bust steadily, dearth of good leaders is pervading societies all across the globe. But curiously enough, a true leader is never an an enigma. All he maintains with him is an unshaken faith in the job he chooses for the advancement of his fellow beings.There are no short cuts; the path is not all that rosy. But the leader proceeds with a smile on his lips and loads of determination inside.

The Rising Tide of Despair

They say all good things must end some day but for one Thomas Jones that some day just arrived. It was just yesterday that he lost his job. A job he held for over 20 years.

Why the British Are Eccentric and How You Can Join Them

Why are the British regarded as an eccentric nation and how is eccentricity evidenced in Britain today? Also in this article we look at how to immerse yourself in British eccentric events, sometimes literally!

Inspirations Behind the Hippie Movement: A Comparative Philosophical Analysis of Ideology

What do hippies have in common with ancient Greek philosophy and the Romantics? In this article, we will see some common links and connections between historical events and perhaps better reflect upon and understand our own times.

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