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Largest Vegetable Producing Countries

The world’s largest vegetables producing countries, 1961 to 2018

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Vegetable Production
Top Vegetable Producers Countries
Vegetable production in the world
Vegetable production in China
Vegetable production in India
Vegetable production in United States
Vegetable production by country
China Vegetable Production

Retirement Planning: Common Mistakes

Retirement planning is not a simple task as it involves diligent research and constant reanalyzing for it to be successful. Yet, even with that, there are a couple of mistakes people tend to make when it comes to retirement planning. One of the biggest problem when it comes to retirement planning is that people tend to dream, but not put realistic numbers on each of the dream they hope to eventually realize.

Don’t Be Afraid To Educate Yourself About A Roth Conversion

Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, learning about a Roth conversion, IRAs and stock investments can be extremely interesting. There are such a wide variety of topics, which all manage to weave together at some point, you can easily become engrossed and excited about what you are learning.

Planning Your Goals And Big NHS Pension Changes

Recently we’ve touched on the subject of happiness, and what is needed to be happy. We’ve also mentioned the fact that, generally, people can start to really think about living the life they love and want if they are financially secure, and feel in control of their lives. After all, it’s difficult to plan for the next 20 years thinking lovely things if your daily life is all about struggle, worry and survival. This is very relevant when discussing the new HMRC pension tax changes, and the NHS Pension Scheme rule changes that are to be announced soon.

Why Your Stockbroker Will Never Recommend Index Funds

Despite the vast majority of actively-managed funds failing to match their underlying index, individual investors continue to ignore low-cost index funds in search of market beating returns. In the meantime, the only people growing their asset bases are the stock brokers and brokerage firms who are all too happy to charge excessive fees while you gamble.

Tax Free Investing Can Help Make Tax Time Easy

Each year, hundreds of people across America dread tax time. They know that they’ve either paid their dues, and done all of the tax free investing that they can, or that they haven’t. Still others dread the fact that they have too much money out of savings that will be taxed. Until January 1st, however, individuals can invest in anything that is tax exempt and still have it count towards taking away money that they owe at the end of the year.

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