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Will an Avatar Hunt and Gather for Me – Is There an App for That Yet?

When I am hungry I go to the grocery store, and when I need caffeine, I hunt for a green logo on a building, and gather me a Venti White Mocha Frappachino. Life’s not that tough, no Woolly Mammoths, whose paths I need to avoid, and no Saber Toothed like creatures resembling today’s Siberian Tigers to worry about in North America. They wouldn’t get very far, and most likely be run over by a Semi Truck on I-10 if there were.

Balance Your Life And Make The Decision

As you are, no doubt, aware this country and other nations have a situation with regards to the illegal drug trade. We are presently experiencing an expansion in the gangs coming up from the US and more guns finding their way into our communities almost daily.

History’s Rulers

The article is about the people who fought against all odds in their life to pursue their dream. I will be giving a brief account of the lives of some great rulers like Timur, Baabur etc., just to make us realize the basic need of determination.

The Ongoing War Between Psychiatrists and Scientologists Sparks Controversy in Switzerland

Scientologists are some of the major opponents of modern psychiatry and and contrary to most other opponents, they actively advocate against modern psychiatry and the use of drugs in mental illness. The latest controversy was sparked in the small town of Embrach in Switzerland. The planned march he Citizens Commission for Human Rights, founded by the Church of Scientology wanted to hold a silent march in Embrach for the victims of psychiatry. The town council prohibited the march due to a leaflet with questionable text. What happened in Embrach and why are the scientologists so angry at the psychiatrists? What is behind the conflicts and are we actually as endangered by the art of modern psychiatry as some happen to claim.

Female Genital Mutilation

The United Nations estimated that an average of four girls a minute are mutilated; everyday. Hopefully with increased knowledge, the protection of girls and women will move the number of mutilations to zero as they gain knowledge and organization. By force, Female Genital Mutilation became a custom in Northern Africa over the last 1000 years, and slightly more recently in western and southern Africa.

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