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The Great Kwararafa Kingdom (II) Paradigm Shift (Can It Be?)

Culture changes. Without change we can’t be functional and can’t solve problems. That calls for paradigm shift. Read on. God bless Nigeria.

Internet Helps People In Need

Internet, social media, web 2.0 and anything else that has to do with Web definition, is seen, by some, in a negative way. It is not the first time that a revolutionary change is blamed for social, political and even personal problems.

Cows And Pigs – Taboos

I would like to start off with a disclaimer: I am not trying to explain religious customs or taboos and mean no offence. I am merely looking at the practical side of not eating pork or beef, and how that might have become incorporated into culture as taboo.

The Sociological Dynamics of Islamic Doctrine

Why has the widely interpreted doctrine of abrogation, as found in the Koran, been responsible for dividing Western Muslims from fundamentalist Muslims in the Middle-East? Why is the Koran not a standardized book of religious scripture that, unlike the Holy Bible, cannot be read and understood the same by all Muslims? Why are the theological aspects of Islam actually embroiled in a seemingly endless morass of sociological, socio-economic, and socio-political variables? Read on a cogent analysis of these issues.

Were American Slaves Happy?

American antebellum slaves were happier than generally conceded today. The unhappy slaves live today: idle, unproductive American prisoners who join gangs, plot criminal activity and fail in large numbers to change their ways. Prison reform must involve hard labor.

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