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The Real Earl of Doncaster

In the town of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire, UK, there is a Hotel by the name of ‘The Earl of Doncaster’. Is this establishment named after an actual person or is it just a fanciful name? The editor of the community website Discover Doncaster goes in search of the Real Earl of Doncaster.

Stigmatisation of Orphans and Vulnerable People

HIV related stigma is often layered upon pre-existing stigmas concerning socially marginalized and vulnerable groups (injecting drug users, men who have sex with men, commercial sex workers, women, and children). Conversely, people living with AIDS may become implicitly associated with stigmatized behaviors, regardless of how they became infected. So once there is a stigmatizing environment, all sufferers from the AIDS scourge are looked at through tinted lenses and they are subjected to more suffering even from their family and friends.

The Effects of Society on Business – A Canadian Pardons Example

Analysis of how society has affected the business world, using Canadian pardons companies as an example. Discusses how people are affected by what society tells them is normal and abnormal.

The De-Socialization of America

Has our society lost something? Has the societal glue that binds us lost its adhesive quality? What is going on? The character and societal values so prized by previous generations, and so crucial to our development, seem less evident today. If this is true, where will it lead us?

Bangkok Street Children

Life under globalization’s towering shadow is certainly not an easy one for many of Bangkok’s less well off residents, and this is no better illustrated than in the lives of the many street children of Bangkok. Forced to work often not just to feed themselves, but also their families as well. All of these children come from poor families, either broken homes or homes where sick parents are unable to work. With Thai society offering little in the way of state welfare, families and children forced into such poverty have little choice but to send the kids out on the streets of Bangkok to work.

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