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The Evolution Revolution On Love

Love: the subject of countless songs, stories, films and poems; the object of relentless desire; the basis of continual heartache. Love is the reason we pursue the innumerable false gods of our time — the gods that have hitchhiked in on the coattails of ‘civilization.’

Is Being Gay a Sin?

Saudi Arabia banned gays recently. I honestly didn’t know the reason behind this, so I asked my acquaintances. They said it’s because of the country’s religion and culture.

Baby Boomers’ Legacy

There was a recent article in USA Today that spoke about how members of the baby boom generation felt disconnected in their experiences from other boomers. The baby boom generation has birthdays that stretch over 19 years, from 1946 through 1964.

Sins of Omission: Immoral Evil and Human Permissiveness

A controversial and extremely provocative issue regarding human behavior, which has perplexed philosophers and pundits since the dawn of recorded history, and which is still polemically bandied about in the 21st Century, consists of whether ignoring and/or silently tolerating an existing evil is tantamount to a willing acceptance of it. Read on for a rendering of this social conundrum.

What Are Very Small Emerging Nations With Tribal Governments More Likely to Choose?

When tribal governments become part of modern day society, they will always have a tough time adjusting. This because a tribal society which works as a village does has been working together for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Each person of the tribe goes about their business and everyone works together for the group.

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