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Was George Washington Really a Volunteer Fireman?

Historians regard George Washington as the father of our country, serving as our first President and commanding general of the Continental Army in the Revolutionary War. Some sources indicate he may also have been a volunteer fireman and charter member of Alexandria Virginia’s first organized fire company. Is there any truth to this?

Of Sandpiles, Immunity, Resilience and People

When I first read Joshua Cooper Ramo’s book, The Age of the Unthinkable, I wondered how it all fit together. It made my head dizzy and took another reading to make some sense of it. He tells how the Danish physicist and biologist Per Bak created a hypothesis that world crises resemble sandpiles. Adding grains of sand eventually causes an avalanche, although just when is impossible to predict.

To Be a Jew Is to Belong

By following the laws we recognize its authority as a structure of our religiosity and commitment. Without this law, as a prophet used to say, a Jew is a ghost, with a soul and no body. With only the law and nothing else, the Jew is a mere corpse -a body without a soul.

To Be a Jew Is to Be Ethical

We see through our souls, and to be a Jew is to carry out this job by bearing witness. To be a Jew is to be ethical. Firstly, abiding at least by Hilel’s categorical imperative of not doing to others that which we do not want for ourselves. As if this were the very basics of the Torah, and all the rest were its commentary.

Security Think Tank Topics

What people do not understand is the actual reasoning behind why we have the federal government in the first place – it is to pool our resources to protect the American people; from enemies both foreign and domestic. Thus, we need a strong military, and a good security force, that is why we pay our taxes, and that is why we have the federal government, and why all the states joined together in a common cause; which we call the United States of America. A great nation which just happens to be the best country ever created in the history…

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