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Something About Wishing Custom

Now, it is common for people in western or eastern countries to make birthday wishes as a custom. No matter, it will come to be true or not, we all make good wishes in our birthday as a good start for the coming year.

Foreign Accents

Section One As far as I’m concerned, I do tend to judge people I meet by their accents. I don’t mean that I’m a sort of snob, and only like people with upper-class accents, but I never feel comfortable with a new person until I’ve been able to place them from the way they speak. If it’s an English person, I feel much more at ease if I can say “Ah, he comes from Liverpool”, or “He’s probably been to a public school”.

Only Old American Traditions Will Carry Us To The Future

The world today needs genuine historians – people who can inspire lives with real stories they can tell. The old adage that history is the best teacher is more than valid today. The reason for this is the nature of our era with discontinuous change.

The Philological Needs of Man

It is about the biological, primary, organic or basic needs of man. The basic needs of which they are the reason behind on why man is able to stand still against the test of time.

One Major Problem in the Process of Urbanization

China is currently pursuing urbanization with remarkable vigor. Her small area of arable land continues to shrink as cities relentlessly encroach upon farmland. Farmers are consequently compelled to leave their homes. With a meager sum of compensation from the government, they have to go to cities to make a living. The huge number of migrant workers is a major problem thrown up by the process of urbanization.

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