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Are We United? Do We Enjoy Freedom?

India is a secular nation and we all believe this because it is written in books and we are taught since childhood. Secularism exists, but where? Everywhere people fight for their regions and they want their tradition and culture to spread.

African History: The History of Origin?

“You should not expect to find here, the immense details of wars, of the storm of cities taken and retaken by arms, given and ceded by treaties. All that was done, and does not deserve to be written. We shall only attend, in this history, to that which deserves the attention of all times, to that which illustrates the genius and the customs of all men”.

Africa: A People of Conservation, Stability, and Preservation

One of the connotations that have been slapped on the people that populate the continent of Africa is that they are backward or uncivilized. But those connotations are based on fear and the inability to accommodate something which is different from “your familiar awareness”. The description of referring to Africans in such negative connotations is absolutely not racist – that is it is not inherently based on hatred of another race, but it is that natural human feeling or tendency of shrinking at something that is different.

The Apron and Its Significance to Society Through the Years

Who could ever imagine that the very aprons we use in the kitchen have existed long before our grandmother or even great grandmothers do? And to put some more surprises, these little over-garments were actually have served one purpose for over a thousand years and that it was actually a protective garment for all occasions – to cover the clothes from stains. Why would they use it for almost all occasions?

How One Becomes A Shaman

The article presents three ways a person may become a shaman. The article stresses long training for one to become a shaman.

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