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An Evolved New World: A New Article Series

First article in a new and comprehensive series of articles about our world nowadays and its shortcomings. See politics, science, religion, education, etc. from a new viewpoint and learn how our civilization could possibly evolve into higher levels.

Hate Speech, Free Speech

I’m a gay man, I’m openly gay and I’m somewhat ‘post pride’, I simply want to live my life openly and have the fact of my homosexuality be no more important than my head being bald or my eyes being blue. On Facebook I’ve been having recurring discussions with Christians that may believe my sexual orientation can be changed and are certain it’s an awful sin and damned lifestyle.

Cultural Diversity in Nigeria: A Blessing or a Curse?

Cultural diversity is a phrase generally used in describing a society with people of different ethnic roots which manifest in their languages, mode of dressing, arts, as well as other traditional practices which are either similar or distinctively different from each group. Such traditional practices are highly valued and held with great admiration among people of an ethnic group. In Nigeria for instance, when it comes to dressing a core northerner is identified with a  starchy ironed fez as a cap.

The Good Rastafarian Mon

This article certainly appeals to most Rastafarians and reggae patrons. If you are one of those stereotyped and labeled deviants just because you live a colorful red-yellow-green lifestyle, you are not alone in proving the Babylonian brain-washed society wrong. This articles seeks to provide information that will counter-argue the demonizing of a good reggae-loving dreadlocks-wearing individual on earth.

Hero Concepts

An analysis of the hero concept developed in various societies. Praise and worship of the hero in social order and mythologies are a key part of every society. Individuals and groups have been defined as heroes throughout civilizations years. Roles that have been cast through the life of the worlds heroes are; Prophets, Organization Leaders, Teachers, Farmers, Hunters, Librarians, Politicians, Law Enforcement, Gangsters, Cartoon Characters, Soldiers, Writers, Revolutionaries, Lovers, Thugs, etc., etc, and at times, the very organizations they represent are noted as the hero.

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