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Healing the Isms Between Us – A Fresh Look at Racism Within

Recently I spent a weekend in a “Coaching for Transformation” class with thirty-five of my life coach peers, mentors and teachers. We were in downtown New York on a spectacular Fall day. The topic we were exploring together was: coaching minorites in the light of racism, genderism, sexual orientation, ageism and other isms that tend to isolate or ostracize people. The following story compelled me to accept how much more I needed to change – now!

An Inconvenient Truth – Life Is Based on Murder

A central fact of human existence is that life is based on murder- a reality more vital to human survival than the happiness we all cherish and crave for. Undeniably, happiness and pleasure are the most coveted and priceless part of the human experience. Without such desires and values, perpetuation of the species would not be possible. But it is quite evident that happiness and pleasure lacks the compelling urgency of what we may call utilitarian murder, without which there can be no life, no perpetuation, no pleasure and no happiness at all. In fact no human civilization whatsoever.

How Leisure Shapes and Is Shaped by Society

Leisure both shapes and is shaped by society, and is such is both an independent variable (which does the shaping) and a dependent variable (which is shaped by various elements in society which act as independent variables). This discussion of the role of leisure in society has been primarily led by sociologists, using both structure-functional and symbolic interactionist approaches, as discussed by John R. Kelly in “Leisure and Society: A Dialectical Analysis.

Characteristics of Leisure

In “Motivational Foundations of Leisure” by Seppo E. Iso-Ahola and “Pathways to Meaning-Making Through Leisure-Like Pursuits in Global Contexts” by Yoshitaka Iwasaki, both authors are grappling with distinguishing leisure from other aspects of human life. To this end, they are trying to describe the basic characteristics that identify something as leisure as opposed to something not being leisure. However, the big problem for both of them is the elusive definition of “what is leisure,” since it is difficult to describe its characteristics if it hard to distinguish leisure from what is not leisure. This problem is made even more difficult in modern society, in that there is something of a continuum between leisure and non-leisure, with many activities seeming like a mix of the two.

Why Child Exploitation and Obscenity Happens

There is no place like home as most people believed and can proved that. A home is where the family dwells and is composed of parents and child or children. In the family, parents have their obligation to tend to. How important is it to educate the children and send them to school to learn what they ought to learn during their childhood. The home is the best place actually to train and teach each child. Child Exploitation and Obscenity happens when parents failed to express love, care and lack commitment to fulfill their obligation towards their child or children.

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