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A Guide to Cultural Issues for Westerners in Asia

There are wide areas of different thinking and different ways of reacting to and handling life’s situations in other countries. It is important to recognize and accept that there are differences in the way of life between home and a foreign country. Westerners who travel Asia face a myriad of cultural issues that may have a great impact on their experience.

Compassion, Pol Pot, And Charles Manson

Man’s nature, the product of millions of years of evolution, defines us. It is neither “good” nor “bad” but a combination of both.Compassion, Zen enjoins, will be critical in the task of human betterment. Recognizing and accepting that there is a Hitler, Pol Pot or Charles Manson lurking in all of us, just waiting to be unleashed with the right combination of circumstances is the beginning of compassion. Then we can really relate and connect with the sufferings of their victims.

Transitional Shelters – How To Improve Sustainability Of Transitional Shelters

Transitional shelters provide disaster affected persons with basic shelter in the transitional period between the emergency phase and the time when permanent housing is completed. In the current humanitarian environment where aid for permanent housing is inadequate in the case of highly visible mega disasters, the transitional period can be pretty long, even lasting up to five years. In this context it is important that transitional shelters need to be sustainable, so that they can last throughout the transitional period and the shelters can be either upgraded or materials reused in the construction of permanent housing. In this article we will be looking at how to make transitional shelters more sustainable.

The Media Bias in Covering Islam Contributes to Islamophobia

The media controls much of what people think and “know” about certain topics, and Islam is no different. So if the People have the power to change what the media shows or how it shows certain topics, the People can change this problem of Islamophobia.

Transitional Shelters – The 4 Top Reasons To Improve Their Sustainability

Transitional shelters are increasingly becoming an important part of post-disaster reconstruction. They help to provide basic shelter for those affected by disasters between the emergency phase, (where they may have been sheltered in tents or public buildings) and the reconstruction phase when permanent housing can be provided.This period may last anywhere between a few months up to a few years. Transitional shelter is by no means cheap and may cost up to one fifth of the cost of a permanent house. Therefore this article looks at why the sustainability of transitional shelters needs to be improved in the current context.

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