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Child Labor Issues a World Wide Problem and Challenge We Must Conquer

Using children as slave labor is a real problem in the world, and it’s been going on in many human societies and cultures for far too long. Yes, in ancient times everyone had to pitch in, but now those who run businesses are collecting these kids and making them work 14-20 plus hours per day. This of course is unacceptable in Western culture, but it still goes on in very poor and emerging nations all over the globe.

The Strange Minds Of The Conspiracy Theorists

To say that conspiracies don’t take place, would be naive in the extreme. After all, how do we know what ‘black’ Government departments are up to out of sight of the press or any oversight body? Conspiracy theories, it can’t be denied, are always great fun.

Our Constitution Discussed Without the Religion of It All

Not long ago, I was discussing with someone the US Constitution, and how well it has served our nation, and some of its flaws, but before you criticize that statement with all the zeal and religious-like zealot of a Constitutional purest, let me explain. You see, when I was asked if I was a strict constitutionalist, the answer is NO, well, I guess, the answer is yes and no, I see some changes needed in the document because it has been exploited by power hungry folks and yet, I also believed if it had been better followed maybe…

Opting Out Is In

Several U.S. states are filing lawsuits or contemplating legislation aimed at allowing those states’ citizens to “opt out” of at least some portions of Obamacare, the monstrous federal takeover of the American health care system. Personally, I think the best overall opt-out would be to repeal the ugly law and replace it with real reform. Something that makes much-needed improvements while generally leaving intact the greatest medical system in the history of the world. But it remains to be seen how all of the political jockeying will turn out.

Endangered Mores

The Mosuo, a people in the Southern region of China that inhabit an area of the Himalayas, constitute one of the few matriarchies in the entire world – especially notable in a country as strongly patriarchal as China. Also inconsistent with Chinese norms of emphasis on family over the individual, is the Mosuo’s structure of family and married life. In Mosuo villages, the marriages among them are based entirely upon mutual attraction and affection – a woman chooses a man to visit her room for the night, and may continue inviting the same man for as long as they both choose to continue involvement with one another.

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