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History of the Peace Sign

A basic history of the Peace Sign. Its origins, uses and current acceptance in the 21st century. The History behind the icon.

Kopitiam in Singapore

Whenever we sit down at the coffee shop, the nearest stallholder will approach us and try to sell his/her dishes and also see if any of his/her dishes match our tastes for the day. The foods in Indian/Indian-Muslim and Malay stalls are all “halal” (lawful or permissible) and it just means no serving of pork. There are also other stalls such as “economy rice” stall (offering a wide range of dishes with rice), tze char Chinese kitchen (like a small restaurant that cooks many varieties of Chinese dishes including seafoods and steamboat at affordable prices), Hainanese chicken rice and Western foods (e.g. chops, wings, steaks, fries, burgers).

A Look at Thanksgiving Traditions: It Did Not Start Out the Way It Is Today – A Brief History

The most common thanksgiving holiday traditions are: giving thanks, thanksgiving day parade, football, breaking the wishbone, and turkey and trimmings. I am unclear how the genealogy section of a major website determined this; yet intuitively it appears correct. Ever curious (and always looking for content for my articles), I wondered how these came to be; so I did some research. I share.

The Evolution Revolution On The Pursuit of Happiness

The whole idea of ‘happiness’ as a goal is fallacy. Happiness is a feeling that arises occasionally resulting from a set of circumstances in the environment. It is random and conditional.

Shamanism and Ecstasy

There are three areas of commonality in world shamanism. The area of emphasis depends upon the culture. Three types of ecstasy are briefly explored.

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