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Small Footprints, Big Journeys – Buddhist Novices Removing the Stigma of HIV in Northern Thailand

One hundred and nine kilometers northwest of Chiangmai, perched on this side of the border between Thailand and what is officially called Myanmar, formerly known (And still called by many) as Burma, lies the district of Wiang Haeng, within which is a collection of small villages not on the typical tourist route. Getting there, I drove from Changmai out across a verdant sea of rice fields then up and down the nearly vertical mountains that rise majestically from the plains. I was on a journey to learn more about a remarkable group of young Buddhist novices and nains, the latter…

The Popularity of America

America is an immigration station with large number of immigrants. It is also known to all that American’s population is really great too just followed after that of China and India. This article will give you some information of America’s population.

If Socialism is a Virus, Why Not Take Some Tea and Cure Yourself?

Why should you join the tea party? Simple, because the tea party stands for rational decision making, and responsible government spending, but if that is isn’t enough for you maybe you need to consider why some of the colonists dressed up in Indian costumes and threw some of that tea in the bay in the first place. Well, back in 1767 the British passed the Townsend Acts which included heavy taxes.

How to Protect Yourself In A World More Dangerous Than Ever

If we were to do a psychiatric assessment of the human race, there’s no doubt in my mind as a mental health expert of forty years, that we would have to diagnosis our race as having a serious mental illness. Because of this, the world is a far more dangerous place now than it has ever been in our history. There is really only one way to survive and thrive in this crazy world and that is to tap into an amazing intelligence we all have but are not using.

Ezira Orumba (Ezziha)

Ezira {Ezziha} is a village, located at Eastern Nigeria, in Orumba south local government Area of Anambra state, Nigeria, West Africa, in Africa. A.K.A Umuozimba Ihe. Ezira was found by Ancient fathers of the village, in more than 2000 years ago. The population rated about 87,000…

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