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Colorful Things – Understanding Cultural Differences

Why are bright, colorful things so cheerful and why is America so afraid of them? I’ve spent my whole life becoming fascinated by color and its combinations, from finger-paintings to oil paintings to colorful gemstone jewelry. I’ve often wondered why so many cultures embrace and celebrate color while my own seems to suppress and marginalize it.

How to Jump Queue Fury

If you find yourself waiting in a long queue at an airport or bus terminus this holiday, will you try to analyse what it is about queuing that makes you angry? Or will you just get angry with the nearest official?

Billionaire Kid Gives $100 Million to New Jersey

Well, $100 million! A gift by the legendary Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook, to improve or even remedy Newark, New Jersey’s ailing public school system.

Why Do We Have Hunger and Poverty in the USA?

Of course the official America would deny poverty or hunger in their nation. They would deny “hunger” but admit “food insecurity”. Prior to 2006, the word “hunger” was not a taboo. It is only after 2006 that “food insecurity” replaced hunger in their lexicon. According to the latest census, one in every ten American is poor.

Rubbish Disposal

People don’t like getting their hands dirty. Rubbish disposal has always been left to society’s lower ranks, with an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude from people who are not directly involved. Today, however, both the increase in the amount and the complexity of waste produced are threatening human health and the environment as never before. The composition of waste has altered, the most dramatic change being in the number of chemicals we dump. Chemicals in the form of pills, pesticide or paint are an essential part of our lives.

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