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Mythos – What It Means

Defines the term mythos. A brief explanation of mythology. Explains myths is more than mere story.

Population Distribution or Structure II – Sex, Occupational and Geographical Distributions

The sex distribution refers to the classification of a given population according to sex or gender (male or female). Sex distribution can easily be obtained from a population census of a given country which shows the total number of males and the total number of females. A knowledge of the total number of males and females in a country will assist the government to make the necessary plans to cater for the population.

Optimum Population, the Malthusian Population Theory and the Demographic Transition Theory

Optimum population may be defined as the type of population which when combined with the available resources and the given level of existing technology secure a maximum return per head. Optimum population is neither too small or too large. In other words, optimum population stands in between the two other extremes of over population and under population. It is the best type of population and it differs from country to country and from time to time. Optimum population is dynamic, hence it changes according to the changing quantity and quality of a country’s available resources.

Population Distribution or Structure – Age Distribution

Population distribution refers to the ways in which the population of a given country is distributed into certain categories such as age, sex, occupation and geographical distribution. Age distribution is the break down of the population of a country into age groups. Age distribution in economics is very important as it shows the usefulness of population and the supply of labor required in different sectors of the economy.

Under Population and Over Population

Under population is a situation where the population is too small relative to the available resources. While over population refers to a situation where the population exceeds the available resources of a country. As a result of overpopulation, people will compete for the available resources and there will be a general fall in standard of living of the people. These two factors greatly influence the economy of a state of Nation.

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