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How Do I Find Peace in My Life?

When we think of peace, we tend to focus on what it is not. Peace is not being in conflict with others or within ourselves. It means not being at war. This is part of it. We have an idea about what we don’t want. Yet it is possible to not be at war or in conflict with anyone and still not be at peace. Sound strange? It’s not if you consider peace as more than the absence of conflict.

The Origin Of The Human Species

Where do we come from? Where are we going? Well, through Adam, we come from God, Who made the human being. And when we pass away, we return to God.

Globalization and What It Means to Social Theories

Globalization is vividly gaining effects on not just the economic and political aspects view but also on social theories. The article discusses on the effects globalization has had on many social aspects and what that means to the entire world that is being reduced to a village by various concepts such as communication and technology.

The PURE GOLD Lining The Trump Cloud

Trump may well turn out to be the best thing that has happened to the people of the western world for a long time. While I am not a supporter of Trump as his values are the opposite of mine I celebrate the impact he is having on people (albeit unintended on his part).

Attempts to Understand Violence

These are theories from the fields of sociology and social psychology. They suggest explanations of complex behavior and soon become complicated themselves as they try to explain everything that comprises a pattern of violent behavior.

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