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Live Insaan Vs Triggered Insaan SubCount History

The Trouble With Human Evolution

When it comes to the standard model of how modern humans evolved from our primate ancestors, especially apparently the chimpanzee, you should be prepared to ask the tough questions and see if they get answered to your satisfaction. Questions like can you really go from chimpanzee stock to what makes you, the reader, you, via natural selection in 6 to 7 million years? That’s not just a little change, but a massive change and on several broad physiological, anatomical and behavioural fronts. Contrast your society, lifestyle and body-plan with that of the chimpanzee. So, if you think the standard model is unlikely, and you reject any supernatural explanation, that leaves but two alternatives, an artificial selection by ancient aliens, or we’re akin to characters in a video game – we are simulated beings.

Spain – The Global Power

Globalization is nothing new. In the sixteenth century, the Americas became the arena for intense competition, and Native peoples, caught in a global struggle, were devastated by conquest, war and disease. Three conquistadores conquered a huge swath of land in Spain’s campaign to control resources and sea lanes.

The Past Was Looted – Now It’s Saved

Archaeologists are dedicated scientists, but for many American Indians they have been nothing more than looters, taking bodies and cultural treasures out of the homeland. In 1999, the people of Pecos Pueblo in New Mexico brought home 2000 ancestors from Harvard. Their story and others have led to cultural renewal, symbolized most dramatically with the National Museum of the American Indian.

German and Jewish People: Possibilities

German and Jewish people have a lot in common. There is a possibility for fruitful relations.

Living? Oh, Really!

The article criticises about the living trends of the human race. The mindsets of ancient and present generations are also compared in this article.

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