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Longest Cereal Box Dominoes – Guinness World Records

The City Is Not for Everyone!

Have you ever felt alone even if you live in a metropolis with more than 7million other people? I am sure some of you have, at least once! We all look for recognition, rewards, money, fame and so on, and most of us start their search in large cities or metropolis, where the fervent limelight’s blinds us, where days are shorter and life runs faster than anywhere else on the planet, and also where you give a lot and others take away a lot more than what you can give.

Explaining The Chinese Zodiac

The Chinese Zodiac is a scheme that links each year to an animal and its distinct characteristics, based on a 12-year cycle. It has a vast currency in numerous East Asian countries aside from Taiwan and mainland China.

The Customs of O-Chugen and O-Seibo

Find out what are the customs of o-chugen and o-seibo. In Japan, there are two seasons in which gifts are often given, one in the summer, and the other, the winter.

Racism and Mental Illnesses – The Absurdity of Hating Black People

Racism is violence and cruelty against those who have a dark skin only because the racist becomes idiotic when the anti-conscience controls his behavior. Those who show hate against another human being only because of the color of his skin cannot but be considered absurd. Hate against anyone is the result of the domination of the anti-conscience into the human conscience. The anti-conscience is a wild animal that can think, but has no sensitivity. Its rationalism is absurd, and it doesn’t respect moral principles. The human being becomes a true monster when he is dominated by his primitive nature.

The United States of Planet Earth

Is it really possible to create a one world government that would be similar to the United States of America, only it would involve all nations of all the continents? If you’ll recall the League of Nations failed, and the United Nations is having a rather tough time trying to unite the world in a common cause of humanity. They’re just far too many different cultures, religions, and ways of thinking.

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