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Longest tunnel flown through by airplane – Guinness World Records

Cultural Trends

Culture is never constant. Constant is only constant. Culture is always very eager to adopt new things and to perform on different patterns.

Empowering People With Mental Illness to Live Independently in the Community

We all have moods that swing at times, and we all worry; however statistics of self report surveys suggest that one in every three individuals have persistent symptoms which could be diagnosed with some level of mental illness. People should seek professional help for the following types of mental illnesses:

A Brief History Of Swimming And Swimming Pools

Did you think that the heated pool in your backyard is a new invention? Well, it really isn’t. Heated pools were first mentioned in Ancient Rome and were built on pillars with a chamber beneath.

The Difficulty of Distinguishing Work and Leisure Today

The definition of work and leisure has undergone a transformation from the traditional separation of the two terms into combining the different spheres of activity in different ways. A key reason is that as society has changed, becoming a global economy and providing new sources of creative endeavors for some members of society, some individuals have been able to combine their work as an economic activity with intrinsically motivated work that provides the same kind of personal fulfillment that usually occurs in leisure activities.

Asian Thinking Vs Westerner Thinking: The Cultural Differences and Inferences of East and West

People of different cultures think differently and these different ways of thinking create barriers to understanding and communication. It is said that one’s thinking patterns change depending on one’s experiences. This means people who grow up in different cultures not only think about different things but also think differently. Their thought processes are determined and affected by the environment and culture in which they are raised.

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