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Longest Water Slide! – Guinness World Records

These Misbehaviors Cannot Be Changed

An ideal world without mistakes or wrongdoings cannot be even imagined. Because, if everything is perfect, life on the Earth will be boring and unchallenging.

Abraham and the Sun God

The religions born of this patriarch are all followers of the sun-god, Mary. It was the Mother God of Babylon and the start of Islam. The bible relates to this when the corruption is removed and the real God, the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe, is known.

Phases of Colonialism in the Sub-Continent Experience

Colonialism may be defined, literally, as the control of a nation over a dependent State, Continent, Country or people. It may be an unintentional control or an intentional one. Colonialism may be the making or the breaking of a colony of one territory by an influential group from another territory.

The Good Old Days

As another summer of the Autumn of my years approaches I am so often reminded of the joy in anticipation when soft summer winds rolled in during the days of my youth. What precious memories can do for your soul. The peace and tranquility in remembrance of days long since past are the highlights of my existence now.

Do You Know The Standard Methods To Dispose Of The Corpses?

Nonetheless, without the disposal of the dead, the life’s journey does not end. Depending on the cultural and religious practices of the people, the mode of final journey is decided.

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