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Lowest Limbo Roller-Skating – Guinness World Records

The Mayans and the End of the World

According to some stupid people who love to make stuff up, the end of time is coming in December 2012. They are assuming this because the Mayan Calendar runs out this year. Since the calendar runs out, it must mean the Mayans knew something we don’t and have accurately predicted the end of the world.

A Personal Destiny – A Rationale

Scientists, with just cause, look for mechanistic, even reductionist, explanations for human behaviour and major events of human lives, both individual and collective. Yet, the totality of human experiences suggest the impact of unknown, unidentifiable forces. The concept of personal destiny espoused by the author seeks to offer a tentative, yet plausible, explanation.

Parenting Roles: From the Village to Passionless Conception

According to the wisdom of the ages “it takes a village to raise a child.” That adage was honored from prehistoric tribal societies to ethnic immigrant communities in the US in the 20th century. After WWII a national labor market tempted nuclear families to move away from the village to follow father’s career opportunities. Spurred on by a media-induced consumerism, housewives began entering the labor force to supplement father’s income. Then the media fostered a model woman who delayed marriage and child bearing until her career was established. As the media moved women from being housewives and dumb blonds to self-reliant professionals, men were moved from dedicated breadwinners to beer drinking, NFL addicted, couch-potato buffoons. Divorce and single motherhood lost their stigma–closed in on becoming the norm. To maintain the interest of its viewers, and thus its advertisers, the media continued to destroy the models it had created. The village role of raising children was ultimately reduced to a single woman–who had herself artificially inseminated for a passionless conception.

Medical Care in China

In my 8 years in the Land of the Dragon, I have seen for myself the quality of care for the Chinese. As a teacher back in Shanghai, I used to go to the community hospital (the equivalent of a polyclinic in Singapore) in my town for primary care, and will go to the city hospitals for more serious stuff. My children went to the local pediatric hospital in the city when they need medical attention.

Another Possible Determinant of Human Lives

For those who seek to understand what shaped their lives, the confluence of nature and nurture is inadequate. After adding chance circumstances, in many instances, there may yet remain gaps in the posited explanations. Add an on-going intangible entity called a soul, stir in reincarnation together with the principle of cause and effect, and a plausible explanation named destiny may result.

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