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Map Timelapse of Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deaths: Year of 2020

The video shows the timelapse of the coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths (mortality) by map worldwide from January 20 to December 17, 2020. The virus originated from Wuhan, Hubei, China in late 2019 and spread to all countries except for Turkmenistan and North Korea (outside of Oceania). The virus has caused more than 1.6 million deaths with over 52 million people recovered.


World Health Organization & Worldometers

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Having a Happy Retirement

When a person transfers his or her funds and assets from one tax deferred retirement plan account to a new one, the process is known as a direct transfer. These types of transfers are not accounted as forms of distribution and thus are not taxable as a part of one’s income and it is not subjected to any kind of penalties, even in case of early distribution. A direct transfer, can today be done technologically, thus making the process smoother, and more efficient.

Future Security

It is certainly not unusual for any person to want and plan a safe and secure life after their retirement from their respective jobs, right from the time of his or her first working days. When you start to feel that your earnings are taking care of you and your family and loved ones, it gives you a certain sense of security, establishment, independence, dignity and that boost to your precious self esteem.

Direct Transfers

We need to understand that securing our respective futures, specially when we will be unable to produce our maximum physical and mental effort in whatever we do, otherwise what is better known as our retirement age, retirement plans help us to live easier lives by allowing us to cherish our hard earned life’s earnings that we have saved up and not be dependant on anybody else for monetary support. We see many people who suffer because of the lack of having a retirement plan and are even ridiculed by other people when they become more or less dependent on others for any sort of monetary support. With the development in technology, it is possible to now depend on safer and more assuring retirement plans and transfer your assets and funds from your previous retirement plan account to a new one. This process is known as direct transfer.

How Much to Save for Retirement?

Many investors think they should save for retirement. This is not necessarily right. Investors first find out how much to save for retirement & achieve their financial objectives.

Discounting Your Promissory Note To Sell – Part Two

What determines the value of your mortgage note? Selling your mortgage note is a very competitive process. How does the discount fit if not the pricing of your note?

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