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Mean Years of Schooling by Country, for the Population Aged 25+ – 1870 to 2018

Average number of years of total schooling across all education levels, for the population aged 25+

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Number years of schooling
Average years of schooling
Mean years of schooling
Mean years of schooling by country

Municipal Bonds 101: Tax Benefits

You do not want to invest hard-earned money only to see it diminish. It is astonishing how much money stock traders spend on fees and taxes. Although you will have to pay the bond broker a fee, you will definitely make out better considering your investment was tax-free and had minimal fees.

Here Are The Top 7 Reasons You Need To Protect Your Retirement From The Upcoming Storm

There is so much instability in the current economy. The writing is on the wall for major changes in the U.S. over the next 10 years, and the global economy will also see major changes.

Municipal Bonds: Tax Free Income From Your Hard Earned Money

A bond broker has extensive knowledge of the varieties of instruments in this area. A broker has knowledge of the bonds that are upcoming, which ones to avoid and how to properly invest your money. There are discount brokers for those who have a bit of investing experience to full service brokers who handle all the details around investing with bonds. The level of support depends on your temperament and knowledge. Although the concepts and basic ideas of bond investments are simple, the actual mechanics are a bit more complicated. Yearly new municipal bonds are created and some are retired or renewed. So to find the best deals to make with the top bond recommendations you should use a bond broker.

Retirement Calculators – What It Will Cost You To Retire?

Several people are afraid about what retirement will spell for them. Some are apprehensive that they will have a heavy price to pay for retirement, either in the life that they will be able to enjoy in their retired years, or in the burden that will be placed on them if they are to save for it. To help out of this tricky situation, retirement calculators can help you assess your position, and also help you reach your goals meticulously.

Is Lotto Really A Viable Retirement Solution?

According to a Canadian survey of baby boomers conducted for TD Waterhouse in 2010, 32% of those polled said they were counting on winning a lottery to fund their retirement. Whether the responses about winning lotto were serious or not, the data clearly indicated that a lack of retirement security is a source of distress for those who responded. Some baby boomers are waking up to the fact that there is another retirement solution – create new sources of income by building a millionaire business for cash flow and financial security. You can start today to build a millionaire business so that you don’t have to rely on winning lotto to be able to have the retirement of your dreams.

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