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White Racism and Black Racism

The relationship between white Americans and black Americans has been a difficult one; and the reasons for that can be found in both sides. A lot of white Americans believe that the white people are better than the black people, and a lot of black Americans believe that white people are evil. With America having a black president who is doing a good enough job, the idea of black people’s inferiority is becoming less credible.

Over Population of Planet Earth – It’s Unstoppable In India, China, Africa, and the Middle East

There is a theory out there that as populations of various nations start to live better, they are busy working and being more productive, and due to their economic middle-class status they stop having so many offspring or children. No, that doesn’t work in every culture, in some cultures the more money people have the more children they feel entitled to, and therefore the more kids they procreate. Nevertheless for a good number of cultures this observation holds true. The United States for instance.

Addressing Anti-Jewish Beliefs

After Mel Gibson’s film Passion, many people became anti-Jewish who had previously not been anti-Jewish. We are seeing a lot of hateful rants against Jews on places such as the Internet, and the neo-Nazis have been capitalizing on the anti-Jewish sentiment to spread their ideological poison. With political correctness having been rightfully diminished in power, it is not possible nor is it constitutional to suppress such sentiments.

Rock As the Articulator of the Human Psyche

Whether the stone has a cultural connotation as in Stonehenge or an artistic connotation as in Michelangelo/Rodin, the stone interprets the inner man. The rock mirrors the human psyche.

Why Is Everyone So Crazy in Large Cities Like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington DC?

Sometimes I wonder how come people in big cities vote the way they do, they seem to want everyone to be taken care of, and for everyone to live in high density clustered areas called cities. They say city life is better, more abundant, more diverse, and more sharing of ideas. That may be true, but living in the city is also bad for your health, and now it’s been proven and I’m not just talking about air quality either. That’s right there are research papers which prove this, now that we have all the health and statistical information.

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