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Mobile Games World Records (2021)

The “Add Value” Appraisal of Non-Performing Notes

Buyers and Brokers of Non-Performing Notes Must First Appraise Them. The “Add Value Appraisal”. Sell the Note or Keep It? Foreclose.

Interested in Saving or Investing?

It is understood that Investing takes risk while saving doesn’t. Unfortunately our economic system is sold on investing. Savings is fundamental for growth and progress, and even investing. How can we save efficiently?

Mortgage Note and Promissory Avoidable Problems and Errors

What Are the Fatal Errors? Shortcuts (Penny Wise and Pound Foolish). Most Private Money Notes Are Flawed – Some Are Worthless.Tricked By Appearances. Preparing Note Documents Should Not Be “On the Job Training.”

The Future of Retirement Planning

This article will address the three common reasons 401 K plans are failing people. We will discuss, stock market loss and how it impacts your money. Taxes- the looming tax trap most people will find themselves in and inflation. But hold on… there are solutions for these problems.

Where Will We Be 10 Years From Now?

Today, thanks to the effort of the Federal Stimulus, the Dow Jones is at the highest point we have ever seen. Considering that interest rates are at historic lows and the Federal Government is still spending $30 billion per month (now the 5th round of Federal Stimulus in the last 6 years), this recent market surge can easily be viewed as a statistical marvel.

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