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Most Bench Presses Underwater – Guinness World Records

Beloved Beer: Germans, Yankees, and Prohibition in Ann Arbor, Michigan

When the Germans came to Ann Arbor, Michigan, they started a battle with townspeople over alcohol that lasted over a hundred years. Rioting students from tee-totaling Anglo families were a big problem. The many Germans in town felt people should have the right to drink.

Peter Berger’s Sociology: An Unvarnished Introduction

Prose and Presentation – Berger’s prose style is neither elegant not convoluted. For the most part it is a model of plain-spoken clarity, though one must remember that he is an intellectual and a professional sociologist, typically writing for those who fit in the same or similar categories. Moreover, from time to time and source to source he may resort to the use of gratuitous neologisms, something that, in my experience, often leaves an author and his readers poorly served.

Democracy Built On Slavery: Today and Every Yesterday

Evolution and change is happening inside of me. I desire for the first time in 47 years to become part of a greater solution and I have started to work towards that. I look forward to the future and to the possibilities…

Diversity Doesn’t Have to Be a Collision of Cultures

The sheer amount of national diversity shows just how closely connected the world has become. As cultures, religions, languages and customs grow together, so does the need for civil understanding. Getting along is critical, but ingrained prejudices, religious differences or historical hostilities — to name a few — make it very difficult for some people to interact. It’s at this point that the word “tolerance” comes into play; however, this term has been misinterpreted. When it comes to diversity, tolerance simply isn’t enough.

Science Behind The Customs and Traditions Of India

The value of the customs and traditions can be clearly understood only by mingling with the local people. Here, certain samples are given to highlight the meaningful life of the Indians.

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