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Most Downloaded Android Messengers 2011 – 2019

How Brokers May Spin New Fiduciary Rules

Brokers did not welcome new rules imposing fiduciary standards. But they may spin the changes as their own good idea.

A Higher Standard For Retirement Accounts

New rules require brokers to act as fiduciaries when serving retirement accounts. The mandate is likely to expand.

How to Become Your Own Banker

Here are four ways Universal Life Insurance policies can be beneficial: Life Insurance Policies Build Cash Value – Cash value, unlike the death benefit, is one you can use while you’re alive to borrow against or to reduce premiums down the road. The cash value of a Universal Life policy accumulates at a tax advantage basis, which means the money you withdraw is not taxed until the amount you withdraw exceeds your bases (the amount you have already paid in.)

Pensioner Poverty – Can You Afford To Retire?

I know we keep banging on about this subject, but it just won’t go away. I have this uneasy feeling that when I’m done with my “day job” I’m not going to be able to afford to live on what I’ve earned or saved so far. So where does that leave me or the 13.4% of people aged 65+ in the UK and 21.5% if you are in the USA?… well in Poverty that’s where? So what are you and I going to do to avoid becoming a victim of Pensioner Poverty?

Facts About Pensions That Change Your Life

Early planning is best for pension savings. A regular amount put away yields a lump sum amount through sheer compounding power. There are many instances where a disciplined investment started early has proved to be more beneficial than haphazard lumps at irregular intervals. So start early.

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