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Most joint cracks in a row #Shorts

What America Needs Now Is a Secular President, Like George Washington

Exercise caution when evaluating progressive candidates who flaunt their religion. While preferable to far-right, divisive fundamentalists, God-besotted liberals are also a hazard to the preservation of what remains of our secular Republic. The public interest in a secular democracy is not well served by politicians sparring over who is a good Christian or the number one believer candidate. Who cares, or should care? Let the faithful have these discussions, but insist that religion remain the focus in churches, not during candidate forums or political campaigns.

Unfinished Dreams

As the age of my years have caught up the hopes and dreams I had when I was a young man so many have withered and died on that vine of many lost opportunities. Those bittersweet moments where time slipped away haunt me now. The weathered beaten wrinkles of this tired old face are constant reminders of the hardships I have faced.

The Faltering State of Creativity

The faltering state of creativity is suggestive of the current condition of societal interaction that lacks a profound sense of originality, imagination and vision. That is only the starting point of the perspective that points in the direction of society’s failure to ascend to higher levels of intellectual awakening. Creativeness transcends all that has gone before and provokes a different way of looking at the reality of human actions. The quest is to transform and rise above through a myriad pathways to a loftier level of thought and subsequent achievement.

Brain Mush? Review of Lukianoff and Haidt’s The Coddling of the American Mind

Several years ago when I worked as a psychologist I met a woman in her early thirties. She came to see me because she felt overwhelmed by current life challenges. I asked her how she had handled difficult times in the past. She told me that could not think of any such times in her life. Now that she finally faced a challenge she had no idea where to start in dealing with it. This is the theme of the book. Our children from their first years through college have often been overprotected (coddled) to the point where they have little resilience when faced with challenges which are an inevitable part of life.

The Balance Of Objectivity And Subjectivity

Rationalists try to be objective and mysticists try to be subjective. Reason and mystery, Apollo and Dionysius, they have always been opposed. Is it at all possible to have them balanced in a person, or even a society?

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