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The Prevailing Delusion About Online College Degrees: A Treatise on the Decline of Public Education

A treatise on American educational decline would fall categorically somewhere between the philosophical disciplines of anthropology and sociology, for in every successful intellectual rise of civilization there has been an aspiration by human beings to learn and pass on that learning to their progeny. To cogently discuss and elucidate a culture’s educational decline, one must first address that culture’s former rise to a certain pinnacle of educational success, and how, and why, the decline occurred. The short meteoric rise and long, bitter, incremental decline of American public education is a sad true story Americans need to know and understand, so that, perhaps, a new birth of intellectual freedom may be brought about by enlightened Americans during the 21st Century. Is online Internet college education anywhere equivalent to college classroom instruction? Was the decline in American education brought about by accident, by the efforts of one powerful man or woman, or by conspiracy? Read on for an explication…

The Lost Tribes of the World

Have you ever thought of living in a place where no one can ever discover or find you? Away from the modern civilization and the globally connected world of networks and technology, there exist some tribes or group of individuals who completely deny any contact with the rest of the world. Let us explore why and what is their lifestyle?

Cultural Festivals As Ceremonial Events of Reconciliation: The Case of The Apoo Festival of Ghana

Cultural festivals are mostly annual events that are used to mark a historic event that happened in the lives of a particular group or society. During such iconic ceremonies, members of the society get the opportunity to meet and settle their differences. Long term disputes, at loggerheads amongst the society members, are resolved during these commemorations. This is a major requirement that must be satisfied during the ceremonial event to please the ancestors who are perpetual advocates of peace. Such is the case of the Apoo festival celebrated annually by the people of Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. The literal meaning of the Akan word Apoo is to drive away. Thus, during the festival observance, heated arguments and all forms of disputes amongst society members have driven away, as it were, to create a serene atmosphere of peace and unity.

Behind The Piney Veil

Texas holds a variety of landscapes. Deep East Texas is all about trees-thick, dense and ever-present. They breathe with those who live behind their Piney Veil. Secrets live in the trees and the keepers of those tales don’t like to expose all the truths that occur.

The Utterly Immoral and Unnatural Perversions of the LGBT Movement

As the Public Advocate of the United States, Eugene Delgado, has proclaimed vociferously on the Internet, the pernicious homosexual-transgender movement in the USA has cancerously metastasized into a awful disease of gigantic proportions, sickeningly affecting American families in a most deleterious fashion. Unnatural and immoral practices have been declared as natural and gross immorality has been transformed by evil sophistry into socially acceptable practices. Is transgenderism biologically possible, and is homosexual behavior to be regarded as normal? Read on for an explication of these issues…

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