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Most Popular Cell Phone Brands Ever 1977 – 2020

Best Selling Cell Phone Brands 1978 – 2020

I remade this video because it didn’t have enough info and I wanted to research the start of the cell phone era.

Cell phone technology was introduced to the US in 1976 by OKI Electric, a Japanese company. They were in a race with Motorola to finalize and unveil the technology. Although they won the race, Motorola managed to set up the first test markets in Chicago and Washington DC. These are the brands that produced cell phones from the beginning until now. Researching all this information took me days. It entailed going through old industry data and company financial reports, hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

1G networks could handle 100k callers vs 20 callers on radiotelephone networks.

One of the First portable cellphones was the Mobira Senator (Nokia) which weighed 22 lb.

Japanese and European cellphones dominated the 80s because of higher quality while American phones had 5x the defects.

Motorola DynaTAC
First handheld1,800 units sold at $3,995

Technophone Excell (Nokia) 1st Pocketable Cellphone

Mitsubishi Roamer
1st Side-Mounted Battery

1st OKI Handheld Phone

Samsung SH-100
First Samsung Handheld Phone

Motorola MicroTAC
1st Flip-Phone Design

Motorola MicroTAC
White Version Released

Nokia 1011
1st Handheld 2G Phone (GSM)

Nokia 2110
Introduced Nokia’s Iconic Ringtone

Motorola StarTAC
60 million units sold

Siemens S10
1st Color LCD Screen

Samsung SGH-500
Response to Motorola StarTAC

Nokia 3210
160 million units sold

Nokia 3310
126 million units sold
Japan launches 1st 3G network with NEC phones

Blackberry 5820
1st Blackberry phone

Nokia 1100
250 million units sold

Motorola RAZR
130 million units sold

Nokia 1110
250 million units sold

Nokia N95
1st Modern Smartphone7 million units sold

1st iPhone
6 million units sold

1st Android1.6 million units sold

Nokia 5230
Symbian OS150 million units sold

HTC Evo 4G
1st 4G phone

Samsung Galaxy S II
40 million units sold

Samsung Galaxy S4
80 million units sold

iPhone 6/6+
222 million units sold

Nokia 105
200 million units sold

Samsung Galaxy S7
55 million units sold

iPhone X
63 million units sold

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
1st 5G Phone
What was your first cell phone ever?

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