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Most Popular iPhone 2007 – 2020

In this video we’ll look at the global sales of all iPhone models in order to see how they performed in comparison to each other. I include unit sales from the first iPhone in 2007 to the latest, iPhone 11. The popularity is based on unit sales not on how units are currently in use. I also include some quick info for the first few models to keep you entertained.

2007 – iPhone
Introduced revolutionary interface

2008 – iPhone 3G
Introduced 3G & GPS

2009 – iPhone 3GS
Featured Autofocus & Compass

2010 – iPhone 4
Featured Retina Display & Selfie Camera

2011 – iPhone 4s
Dual Core CPU & Siri

2012 – iPhone 5
Introduced Lightning Connector

2013 – iPhone 5s
Featured Touch ID

2013 – iPhone 5c
Reskinned iPhone 5

2014 – iPhone 6/6 Plus
Featured OIS, NFC & VoLTE

2015 – iPhone 6s/6s Plus
Introduced 3D Touch

Which has been your favorite iPhone?

How to Invest 400 Dollars

Before you can make a decision on how to invest 400 dollars or any amount of funds, it is extremely important to understand the different investment types available. There are various options available, all with different levels of risk versus return. Understanding the fundamental concepts and analysing the risk/reward trade-off is the first step to generating an investment portfolio balanced to meet your needs.

529 Plans: Tax Free Money to Pay for College and Buy a Computer Too!

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Prepare Your Retirement Funds

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