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Most Popular iPhones of All Time 2007 – 2021

The New Generation Gap

There’s a major misunderstanding between the Millennial generation and the older generations. The Mills don’t want to listen to the older generations because we are 1) so cynical and 2) we are constantly communicating that America is doomed.

The New Age Of Aquarius

There are signs that we are at the beginning of the astrological Age of Aquarius. An astrological age that the Earth undergoes is about 2150 years. This is how long it takes for the Earth to gyrate towards one Zodiac region in the sky. The ages are said by some astrologers to affect mankind and correlate to cultural changes and the rise and fall of civilizations. So what does the Age of Aquarius mean to us?

Cultural Imperialism and Iceland

Because of my Icelandic heritage, I consider the importance of maintaining our Icelandic historical traditions vital to the community. With the rapid globalization of mass media how does a nation maintain cultural sovereignty?

Multiculturalism in America

Multiculturalism is nothing but multiple cultures living in the same society in an organized manner. People from different countries, ethnicity, traditions and backgrounds live and work together. This amazing feature is an important part of American society.

The Evolution Revolution: The Importance of Self-Observation

Spiritual practice (without the self-observation that facilitates the dissolution of the false identity) only serves to intensify this phenomenon, as the mind, believing it ‘knows’ something, now shows up as spiritual ego — a much more insidious creature. One has convinced oneself that one is now a ‘spiritual’ being — and while there might be the intellectual understanding of something greater, and the ability to talk the talk, the walk is often lacking, as the false self-identification is still running the show.

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