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Most Popular Phones of All Time 1996 – 2020

Most Popular Phones of All Time From 1996-2020
The Most Popular Phones of All Time shows the graphical representation of the most popular mobile phones of all time from the year 1996 to 2020. In this video, the list ranks the most popular phones by best selling mobile phones of all time (Most sold phones). Note that the value represents the number of sales or number of phone devices that have been most popularly sold. From this video, we can see how some of these most popular phone models having the highest number of mobile phone sales and how popular those phones are using the comparison bar graph chart. It is a visual representation of the data which highlights the most popular phones of all time by top selling mobile phones.

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As our human brain tends to process visual information far more easily than written information, this channel shares some of the interesting data in a timeline-based data visualization to make it simpler and much easier to understand quickly.


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