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Most Popular Resident Evil Characters (2005-2021)

A Correction Around the Corner

Recently, the market has climbed to an all new high. Yet the higher the market goes, the less investors seem to care. One of the main reasons for this is that only about 20 companies of the S & P 500 reached 52 week highs in the market; the lowest number in a year.

Should You Take a ‘Summer Vacation’ From the Stock Market?

There’s an old saying with some stock investors: “Sell in May and go away.” The saying implies that investors should liquidate positions sometime in the month of May, take the summer off from the stock market, and invest again around Halloween. Those who support this concept suggest that the market has historically performed best in the period between November and April.

7 Investing Mistakes Most People Make

When it comes to investing your hard earned dollars, whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or utilize the services of a financial advisor, there are probably some things that are just not quite right with your portfolio. Here are 7 investing mistakes that most people make that can hurt your long term performance and may cause that retirement to not be exactly what you had in mind. Not having the right asset allocation Studies show that your asset allocation, or how much of your portfolio is devoted to stocks and how much is in bonds, is a greater…

Protecting Income Benefits From One Generation to Another

One of the biggest misconceptions in retirement today is to think that the benefits for income planning cannot be passed on to the next generation. With multi-generational family planning, the owner of the policy can benefit from all the growth and tax advantaged withdrawals of a Non MEC Indexed Universal Life policy, while at death passing on the withdrawal benefits to the named insured without closing out the policy.

The Flaws of Unemployment

The Dow Jones Industrial average sits just over 16,500; quite a comeback over the last few years. In fact, just recently the Dow Jones hit its highest mark yet in US history. What is causing the market to rise to new highs? Is this conducive of an economy pulling itself out of a global recession?

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