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Most Popular Roblox Games (2006-2021)

What are the Possible Origins of Socialism?

Have you ever asked yourself where socialism comes from? It makes sense that it would be a popular concept, and it does sound quite sexy, but in practice much like communism, quite frankly it just won’t work. It’s amazing how many different spins on socialism have been tried, but alas, in human history they’ve all failed.

‘Community’ Binds People Living in Countries As Diverse As New Zealand, Libya and Egypt

Over the past few days I’ve been watching the main news bulletins. I watched the aftermath of the worst earthquake New Zealand has experienced in decades. And I watched ordinary unarmed people in Libya gather together to demand their freedom only be killed by their own soldiers. What strikes me as remarkable is how human beings still support each other in the very worst of situations, how together they don’t give up.

A Critique of a Critical Theory of Leisure

In “Critique and Emancipation: Toward a Critical Theory of Leisure,” John L. Hemingway urges the adoption of a critical theory of leisure. He begins by pointing up the weaknesses of the traditional theories and then argues for using the critical theory of leisure to better understand both leisure and society and then to use that understanding to take political action to change society.

The Rise of a Symbolic Culture and Online Education in the Information Age

An increasingly symbolic culture has developed due to information technology and these changes in our culture have created a more narrowly specialized type of education for professional careers which is increasingly taught electronically. In turn, these changes in education have undermined the traditional community of scholars concerned with values and contributing to the public good.

Ancient Hieroglyphs and Chinese Writing – Evidence of the Tower of Babel?

Can the clues we find in two of the most ancient recorded civilizations hold the key to proving the Tower of Babel confusion of languages as a true historical event? Studying the structure and composition of the writing of these ancient languages, do we find evidence that would seem to say so?

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