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Most Popular Social Media – Growth Evolution (2004-2019)

This bar chart shows a ranking with the Most Popular Social Media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), reflecting their growth (using the number of monthly active users) between the years 2004 and 2019.
Source: Social Media Ranking /Social Network Ranking report from

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Know Your Income Options in Retirement

This article helps you strategize how you’ll produce your retirement income, realize the array of income options you’re presented with in retirement. Then choose which combination of income options suits you according to your aversion to risk and your remaining life expectancy.

Five Tips To Help You Retire Comfortably

There is a risk now that many of us actually outlive our savings following our retirement. If you have never had to think about this before then we offer some retirement tips below you may find useful in helping to create the right plan when you do eventually retire.

Setting The Right Allocation Of Personal Assets – An Investing Scheduling Is The Right Way To Do It

When browsing around the web you will find several different option on investing. Always compare them to your financial status and age to check if they are suitable.

Financial Goals And Risk-Tolerance Levels Are Different to Every Person – How To Define Yours?

How much risk can I take? How much risk I want to take? These are common question that you should know the answer before investing.

Work Until You’re Dead?!

Many Americans are on a financial pace to have to work until they are dead. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, the median amount workers nearing retirement age have saved is a mere $77,000 and the median salary for that age group is $61,000. What’s even worse is that 50% of the private sector population doesn’t even have a retirement plan! How did this happen?

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