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Living Life After Retirement

You may be retired or close to retirement, but you are not ready for a retirement home. You love yachting, don’t want to maintain a yacht or the full expense of owning one outright either, you love traveling, love exploring exotic islands, dockside restaurants, sunset cruises, building memories, and spending time with your family. Fractional yacht ownership could be the answer you are looking for.

Top 5 Money Mistakes Millennials Are Making and How to Avoid Them

It is no doubt that millennials are the most informed generation. The internet provides them with information they need on just about anything including on personal finance and how to create wealth.

More That Dad Forgot To Tell You About Income Investing: Q & A

Why are CEFs, Public REITs, and Master Limited Partnerships being ignored by Wall Street and the Media? What are the most important things investor’s have to understand when it comes to income investing? What is Retirement Income Readiness?

What Your Advisor Hasn’t Told You About Income Investing, A Q & A

One of the biggest mistakes investors make is to ignore the “income purpose” portion of their investment portfolios… many don’t even realize that there should be such a thing. The second biggest mistake is to examine the performance of income securities in the same manner as they do “growth purpose” securities (equities). Over the last 20 years, a 100% income portfolio would have “outperformed” all three of the major stock market averages in “total return”… using as conservative an annual distribution number as 4% If your portfolio is generating less income than you are withdrawing, something must be sold to provide the spending money. Asset allocation should not change based on market or interest rate prognostications; projected income needs and retirement ready financial risk minimization are the primary issues.

Retirement Planning: 4 Simple Steps

Firstly, the lessons of life are learned by personal experience or by the experience of others. Smart people learn from the latter in order to never experience bad situations after retirement. The very first lesson to learn about retirement planning is to start saving sooner rather than later. It’s not complicated and it doesn’t require you to be a finance guru either. With some willpower, guidelines, and knowledge, planning your retirement can be easy, convenient and above all, blissful.

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