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Most Popular Video Card over time by Steam Hardware Survey (2004-2020)

Avoid Overpaying Taxes & Fees – Promissory Note Valuation

The Fair Market Value of a Note is Less than its Cost. Investors Beware. What Causes the Over-payments? IRS Fair Market Value (FMV). How to Avoid Overpaying Taxes and Fees.

Retirement Planning Services Help Decide Where You Will Live Once You Retire

When hiring someone to help you with retirement planning services, finances are typically given the most focus in deciding what to do once you retire. But relocation and planning for living arrangements is just as important. Here are some tips for planning housing for when you retire.

Know When To Start Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is something that everyone should do. Deciding when to start can be confusing to some-here’s what you should know.

Why Constantly Updating Retirement Projections Is Vital

New retirement projections should consistently be created to reflect changing circumstances. While short-term fluctuations in retirement plan outcomes should be anticipated and not cause an over-reaction, long-term implications should receive attention and be addressed.

A Retirement Planning Strategy Goes Away

Congress set out to fund Social Security disability by curbing a retirement strategy. The move will have unexpected results.

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