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Most Popular Video Game Console (2005-2020)

Why You Should Trade Options in Your IRA

Using options in an IRA account will put the odds of successful trading in your favor. They provide the ability to compound your investments for years to come with powerful hedging abilities, while also being able to help provide consistent income along the way.

Living Longer – Plan Now for Your Retirement

Recently there has been a lot of TV coverage and publicity, news items and documentaries, regarding living longer and retirement. This is something important for everybody, how we can keep healthy as we will be working longer. How will we afford retirement, we need to plan for it NOW. It is expected in the future many more people will become centenarians. Both the country and individuals must start planning for this now, if we are to enjoy our eventual retirement.

Coping With a Shrinking Pension, The Down Side of Poor Planning

Pensions were first introduced in the USA in 1875. It had a very stable run for the most part but due to financial markets becoming more and more erratic and with the interest rates declining, the cost of funding pensions slowed down.

What Is the Current State of House Building Planning Permissions in the UK?

The statistics on change of use designations present a mixed picture. The process is beginning to show signs of speeding up, which helps.

School of Hard Knocks

Learning by Experience is Tough and the Tuition is High – Being a beginner in any endeavor is always challenging. The beginning note investor has many important decisions to consider and evaluate. Investing in mortgage notes and promissory notes is profitable when done correctly. Learning to do it right, the first time, is safer and cheaper than learning by making your own mistakes. The school of hard knocks charges a high tuition.

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