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Most Popular YouTube Videos Ever 2005 – 2021

In this data visualization I look at the most-viewed videos on YouTube since its inception. Many of the earlier uploads have been deleted but their stats can accessed using . Those in which the counting stops in the bar race were deleted. This list comes from Wikipedia and

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Which have been your favorite videos over the years?

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The Emotions of Money

As an introduction to “The Psychology of Personal Investing” we will dabble in 3 of the emotions which can combine to cause one to become a victim. These 3 emotions are played like a violin by con men and all perpetrators of fraud…

Retirement Financial Planning

Planning for your retirement is no small task. It requires that you know how much money you will have saved up, and how much you will need per year for each year after your retirement.

Points To Consider When Choosing From The Best Pension Funds For Your Retirement

When you set up any type of personal pension one of the first tasks you will have to complete is to identify the funds that you would like to invest into. However if you do not immediately know which are the best pension funds available then making this decision can be quite challenging but a few clear questions can make the process much simpler. How?

What Is a Bond?

For many people, they’ve never heard of what a bond is. In this article, you’ll learn the basics of what a bond is and how it might be used.

An Unanticipated Recommendation

IUL policies are in essence an overfunded life insurance policy that can protect your money against both volatility and federal income taxes, while simultaneously protecting your loved ones with a tax free death benefit. Furthermore, your cash value will grow tax deferred under the umbrella of the insurance contract.

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